New Hunter Ed Classes Available
Click the link above to take you to the available dates.
We will be holding our January meeting on 1/26 at Pferrman flooring beginning at 7pm.
There will be no food unfortunately and masks will be required.  
Some drinks will be provided.  Thanks Harold!!

Kentucky Fifth District

Our Mission

The Fifth District Federation of Kentucky Sportsmen, Inc. Exists to promote through education and charitable activities the pursuit of hunting, fishing, the conservation of fields, woods, waters, and wildlife, and the promotion of good will and mutual understanding between sportsmen and the public.





President- Rich Zimmer
Vice President - Tom Laswell
Treasurer - Sam Bryant
Secretary - Paula Schnerer
League of Ky Sportsmen Rep – Mike Coyle
NRA Liason – Al Witschy
Kentucky Wildlife Federation Foundation Rep – Linda Saunders
5th District Commissioner – Josh Lillard

5th District Member Clubs 2019


KWFF Information